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How to Shrug Off Imposter Syndrome

How to Shrug Off Imposter Syndrome

“Two-thirds of UK women suffer from imposter syndrome at work.”


This is according to a study reported recently in HRGrapevine. Imposter syndrome is that feeling of self-doubt and insecurity that creeping or sudden lack of confidence in our skills and abilities, forgetting we have them and thinking ‘I’m going to get found out’. The study found the key cases cited as: receiving criticism (26% of respondents), having to ask for help 22% and 16% when ‘’colleagues used complicated technology or jargon that they weren’t familiar with.’’

Women may suffer from self-doubt more than men, or may just be more honest about it, but we know that we all have moments when we doubt ourselves, irrespective of our gender, job role or life-stage.

Confidence Facts | Women vs Men (#BeYourseflAtWork Global Survey)

  • Women are 21% more likely than men to unfavourably compare themselves to others.
  • Women are 38% more likely to feel Imposter Syndrome than men.
  • Women are 21% more sensitive on the inside than men when something doesn’t go according to plan.
  • Women’s confidence is 14% more likely than men’s to fluctuate.
  • 62% more women than men shared a lack of confidence stops them being themselves at work.

When feeling like this, we can often look outside of ourselves to find our confidence or rely on strategies such as perfectionism, control and micro-management, using all the right jargon and technical language, to help us cope and make us feel better.  However, these strategies can keep us on the treadmill of never feeling quite good enough.

Looking inside of ourselves for confidence and nurturing the habit of thinking positively about ourselves are key to maintaining self-belief and getting rid of imposter syndrome.

Building confidence and self-belief from within means it’s in our control, it increases resilience, and is a strategy that can last. We can all choose to manage ourselves this way.

BY@W knows that the best person that you can be is yourself, and if you choose to think more constructively and positively about situations, you will build inner strength, belief and resilience. 

7 tips to help overcome imposter syndrome

  1. Write down what makes you good at your work and keep these front of mind, using the positive energy to fuel your confidence.
  2. At the end of each day, list three things that went really well because of you.
  3. Don’t rely on knowledge and data totally to do your job, trust yourself too.
  4. Recognise your strengths and play to them.
  5. Be kind to yourself and others, don’t waste time beating yourself up about things.
  6. Believe in and see the best in others, and yourself.
  7. Use your heart and your kind actions, to support your self-esteem and know that the very best person you can be is yourself.
shrug off your imposter syndrome


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