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        Avoid Burnout & Code Switching By BEING YOU

        Avoid Burnout & Code Switching By BEING YOU


        Burnout is too rife in our working society. Too many of us are seeing work as a struggle.  Working flat out; saying yes to everything; trying to prove our competence. 98% of us feel that we have to adapt ourselves to appear more professional. The consequence? Exhaustion, burnout and feeling that we need to change who we are to appear competent and confident in our roles.

        #BeYourselfAtWork research proves that a lack of confidence, challenging workplace culture and our inner struggles all can lead to a compromising of our energy. 

        facts about confidence in Women & Men

        (Source: #BeYourselfAtWork Global Survey)

        • Women are 21% more likely than men to unfavourably compare themselves to others.
        • 70% of men don’t talk to themselves positively.

        • Men are 22% more critical of themselves in their inner conversations than women.

        • Only 34% of men say that they confidence levels are steady.

        • Women are 38% more likely to feel Imposter Syndrome than men.
        • Women’s confidence is 14% more likely than men’s to fluctuate.
        • 62% more women than men shared that a lack of confidence stops them from being themselves at work.

        When feeling like this we can often look outside of ourselves to find our confidence or rely on strategies such as perfectionism, control and micro-management, using all the right jargon and technical language to help us cope and make us feel better. However, these strategies can keep us on the treadmill of never feeling quite good enough.

        Use who you are, your iAM, your values, your character to STOP burnout. Rather than code-switching, be more of yourself. When you define who you are and amplify this, you feel natural. Our triggers happen when we can't be ourselves or come across others who are the opposite of us.  

        7 Tips to help build your own confidence in the workplace

        • Write down what makes you good at your work and keep these front of mind, using positive energy to fuel your confidence.
        • At the end of each day, list three things that went really well because of you.
        • Don’t rely on knowledge and data totally to do your job, trust yourself too.
        • Recognise your strengths and play to them.
        • Be kind to yourself and others, don’t waste time beating yourself up about things.
        • Believe in and see the best in others, and yourself.
        • Use your heart and your kind actions, to support your self-esteem and know that the very best person you can be is yourself.

        Take practical action to reduce burnout and reduce Code-Switching.  Get in touch and we'll share how we can help.

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