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        Passionate About Workplace Change?

        passionate about changing your workplace

        Are you passionate about workplace change?

         Let’s explore this conversation…

        For too many, work can become just a job, behaviours can be challenging and culture conformist.  These all restrict our fulfilment, team dynamics and our love of our work. We create a side hustle to unleash our passion and work becomes something to just pay the bills. Wouldn't you love to change this?

        At #BeYourselfAtWork, we believe that the traditional structures of work can inhibit realness and authenticity. We want you to help us influence these traditional structures to find a new perspective on how to generate a great culture. Why is it that traditional workplaces make some of us feel like a square peg in a round hole? And often restricted in being the real us at work? 

        33% of creative workers are freelancers, double the wider UK economy

        (Creative UK – Statistic)

        Us creatives know that diverse voices and out-of-the-box thinking make work better, richer and more exciting. We believe in celebrating creativity and what makes you, uniquely you - helping you find what brings you joy and maximises your uniqueness in all aspects of your life.

        We are on a mission to make everywhere work happens an environment for everyone to express themselves fully and where our differences are recognised as assets. How to make your voice heard? How to find creative stimulation at work and make this a way of life?

        7 Questions to ask yourself to develop your workplace culture

        1. How much are you using your voice for change at work now? Are you fully proactive in what it feels like to work where you are or have you stepped back a little?
        2. Are you letting Teams, Zoom and hybrid working restrict your creative input in conversations and meetings? What are you doing to change this?
        3. How much do you openly embrace differences in people?  Change, a movement, can start with one person. Are you obviously being the one person that talks about and celebrates the differences in the people around you?  Are you known for this?
        4. Embracing character means encouraging ideas and personalities that can go against the grain. What reactions are in play in those around you? How free are people to say what they are imagining and thinking?
        5. How integrated is the equality, diversity and inclusion activity and agenda? Is it separate and segregated to focus on underrepresented groups or a core cultural behaviour representing everyone?
        6. How many psychometrics and pigeon-holing is in place? Is authenticity spoken about or are people characterised by colours, letters or categories?
        7. What actions could you take to highlight practical and creative opportunities to be innovative and mix up ways of working and thinking?   Are you doing anything with these ideas?

        building a greater workplace

        Change is coming, and we know how to get there. Join us in the conversation, and help us influence traditional structures to find a new perspective on how to generate a great culture.