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        Self-Care Rituals Podcast

        Self-Care Rituals Podcast

        Take time for yourself so that you can create a better environment for everyone with our Self-Care Rituals Podcast. More to come soon... Enjoy!


        "Welcome to the Self-care Rituals Podcast. I'm Liz Villani, the founder of #BeYourselfAtWork and iAM, and I'm really excited to share with purpose and reason some support care rituals and routines to really help you to be your best by being the best of yourself at work. At BY@W, we're here to create a new global standard for work, where everyone is able and confident to be themselves. We're activating a community, you, who believe like us that when everyone can be themselves at work we'll build a happier and more productive society.

        The challenge however, is that most of us are so busy getting on with our working lives that we're not really focusing on our self-care. We talk a lot about work life balance. At BY@W, we don't actually use that term as much as possible because we believe that work is an opportunity for you in your life to be able to experience who you are and make your unique difference..."