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Effect On The Under-represented - #beyourselfatwork

diversity at work survey

Free the workplace from expectations of conformity, uniformity and celebrate difference by asking yourself questions to explore how much you are able and confident to be you.

  • 42% of women of colour said they were passed over for promotion due to discrimination. (Fawcett Society & Runnymede Trust Report)
  • LGBTQ+ women are more than 10% more likely to say they have been patronised or undermined by managers because of their sexuality.
    (Deloitte - Women @ Work 2022: A Global Outlook)

To free yourself from expectations of conformity and uniformity it helps to question yourself on how much you are celebrating your difference. The working world is and has to change, but it is you that can make the greatest difference right now today by choosing to be yourself at work.


Questions for reflection…

  • How do I define myself? Am I pigeonholing myself into a race, ethnicity, gender or defining myself by my sexual orientation?
  • How is this holding me back? Am I focusing too much on this and becoming frustrated, withdrawn or angry? Or do I conform or doubt myself?
  • What activities, behaviours and feelings make me happy?
  • Who am I when I am being my best, free of restrictions, labels, stereotypes and self-doubts?
  • What negatives do I tell myself that are affecting my confidence?
  • How aware am I of my inner self-talk?
  • Do I have a strong relationship with myself, do I spend time just with me, do I talk to myself, do I self-reflect and think a lot?
  • What five words positively define my character? What are my iAM’s?
  • How much am I conscious of these and amplifying them to be myself at work.

You are not your job role, what others say about you, your self-doubts, ethnicity, race, gender, LGBTQI+ orientation or an underrepresented group. It is easy to use these labels, our experiences and heritage to define who we are.

  • Only 17% of ethnic minorities feel their employer ‘cares a great deal’ about their health and well-being. (Health on Demand Report 2022)
  • Ethnic minorities experience a higher degree of stress in everyday life – 63% compared with 47%. (Health on Demand Report 2022)

#BeYourselfAtWork is leading all workplaces to value the unique experiences that shape us as individuals and understand that they’re strengths. We’re on a mission to propel true diversity within work culture and teach leaders that celebrating rather than diminishing difference is the key to creating dynamic teams.