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Winning interviews by being yourself at work


Interviews can feel super daunting, we can doubt our experience and compare ourselves to others in a heartbeat.  Win your dream job role by standing out through embracing your individuality.  Follow our tips to succeed as your authentic self, not just by what's written on your CV. 

There are countless blogs and videos that try to give the “secrets” away for interview success.  And there are undoubtedly a few essential ways to prepare yourself for an interview, but our biggest tip at #BeYourseflfAtWork to not only prepare what you will share but to also prepare who you will be.  Our number one piece of advice that is paramount for any interview. Be yourself.

Calm, focus and confidence is found when you talk about what you care about, in a style that is authentic to you.  When you get asked the question, 'Tell me about you', respond with your values, your positive character traits rather than reciting your CV or your hobbies.  You'll stand out because of your self awareness and authenticity.  People buy people and they will buy you, so share who you are, not just what you know.


The interviewer is then going to see the best version of yourself, and your authenticity is going to have much more of a positive impact than you attempting to put on a façade as you try to become who you think they want in a new hire.  Other BY@W tips:

  1. Be positive about yourself, no self-deprecation, you wouldn't buy a brand that said it wasn't that great.
  2. Take the opportunity to reclaim your careers by applying for roles that suit your authenticity, not just your past experience and qualifications.  Then get excited!
  3. Show your interviewer that you like them. Ask them about themselves, what makes them happy and successful here?  Let your like of them shine through your eyes.
  4. Demonstrate real self-awareness, amplify your authentic self.  Weaknesses become just conscious challenges that you are aware of when you really know yourself and focus on being yourself, your best self, at work.
  5. Remember that last impressions count.  Maintain your energy and focus throughout.  Be memorable by closing with genuine warmth and positivity.

Be your best, most authentic self in an interview, and you will give yourself the best chance to succeed.