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Reframing Introversion to Introspection


Do you class yourself as an introvert? Conscious that you prefer to be in your own or close company rather than a room full of people?

At BY@W we see introversion as a label.  For one, you can take the most ‘introverted’ person and put them in the right environment with the right people and they aren’t ‘introverted’ at all. Society tends to encourage us to see the introversion label as a negative, perhaps indicating that we lack confidence and worry about what people think about us. Both of which are common for most people.

The moment we label ourselves and especially add a negative spin we start to be less of ourselves at work compromising our authenticity. What if your ‘introversion’ was a gift?  You can only be your best self at work when you bring all of your in balance. If you see yourself as an ‘introvert’, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Do I like reflecting?
  • Is thinking things through important to me?
  • Do I sometimes feel vulnerable within myself and keep my thinking quiet?
  • Am I happy to spend time with myself?
  • Do I use alone time to re-energise?

If you answer yes to these, you enjoy introspection.  You probably talk to yourself.  You probably feel calm and relaxed when you think things through.  You likely problem solve overnight and sleep on things.  No doubt you like to listen and absorb information and what others say.  Introspection is the stuff of masters.  The creativity, innovation, logic and analysis that your inner ruminations can bring can change your working world.  And yet when we label this character trait as ‘introversion’ we lose much of its contribution.

Use your reflections, amplify this energy and then share with your world your groundbreaking thinking.  Say goodbye to conformity, say hello to self-optimisation.